Minimal time for submitting your time and expense

Time and Expense (Timinize) is a web hosted solution that is designed exclusively for companies that require periodic submission of time and expenses. The solution was named Timinize so time and expenses for any customer or internal project based on activity or task can be submitted and processed in minimal time.

While submitting time and expense is a work day activity for software, professional services, consulting companies and independent consultants the features that are required to complete the process matter the most. Timinize was also designed considering consultants and professionals on the road so they can complete the time and expense submission while on the road using our mobile application.

Timinize has an intuitive design that is simple yet powerful and brings together a visual snap shot in a dashboard representing information for both employee and employer that can be drilled down for further information.

Once the times sheet submission is complete sending invoice to the customer based on agreed statement of work rates is a breeze since Timinize captures the required information prior to start of the project specific to the customer. Timinize also keeps track of contract expiry dates and revised statement of work linked to the project, customer and employee. The bill rates for the project are date tracked and linked to statement of work with the employee minimizing the invoice errors.

Timinize is also time zone managed and is linked to the employee’s time zone, so the date and time of submission is accurate for audit purposes. Timinize is a multi-currency solution and links a primary currency with the employee and shows the equivalent reporting currency for the transaction. In future Timinize will pull exchange rates based on transaction dates but will also have a user override documenting the change for audit trail.

Timinize has role-based security so the fields and functionality are controlled by the security model designed based on best practices used in the industry. Role base security and our audit trail in required areas ensure sensitive information is protected and viewed only by people who have the permissions.

Timinize is business unit capable so companies spread across the globe can use the same system seamless since employees are linked to the time zone and with a primary currency there by able to submit time and expense in the geography they belong to.

Our work flow is integrated well with the system to ensure the submission, review, approval, delegation and rejection process are seamless in managing the time and expenses. Timinize also sends a weblink to the customer project manager to approve the consultant hours prior to sending the invoice avoiding delays in payments.

  • Project time tracking
  • Track time by Customer
  • Workflow for approvals
  • Multi-currency expense submission
  • Budget vs actual with burn rate
  • Billing Rate Management
  • Invoice creation and processing from timesheets
  • Track invoices for unpaid, overdue and paid invoices
  • Attach captured or scanned receipts
  • Subscription model for scalability
Product Info

Manage workforce.

  • Category : Business
  • Date : Feb 2022
  • Website : timinize.com
  • Location : USA, India