Inspired by Valens meaning Effective in Latin. Valesson is a solution built for the Teacher and student community for effective lessons or value in lessons taken from a Teacher.

Valesson is a secure hosted solution with a subscription model that connects the Teacher and student in an organized manner. Often times the Teacher offers lessons in various categories and the student signs up for more than category of the lesson.

Valesson is feature rich with an intuitive calendar design where the Teacher creates time slots for each lesson category. Students from the mobile application can select the specific time slot and request approval and acceptance from the Teacher. Likewise, the student can repeat the process and schedule more than one category of the lessons offered by the Teacher. Approval process are streamlined for the Teacher with access to a portal and also through the mobile application.

Schedule changes and messaging are seamless through the portal and mobile application so any last-minute changes to class schedules are communicated effectively to the students. Valesson also allows the student to request the teacher for a change in class schedule through the application and be able to move schedules on approval from the teacher. Messaging through the application is secure and keeps the history of the request for a period of time set by the Teacher.

Students are able to pay for the lessons through the mobile portal using parent login and can be notified for upcoming lessons and any new lessons that the Teacher has added to the portfolio. Once the student completes a specific day lesson the Teacher is able to mark as complete.

Valesson can track the complete history of the student participation in taking the lessons and help the parent and teacher assess the progress.

Valesson is capable of linking the student with multiple Teachers and has them separated by view so the student and Teacher only see what they have signed up for. Valesson helps the student to keep track of the multiple lessons with various teachers and notifies them of upcoming classes. Any last-minute change from the Teacher is notified through the inbuilt messaging system so the student does not need to travel to the class and get to know the class is cancelled.

Our future road map of the product includes course completion certificates electronically signed by the Teacher.

Valesson is a Teach and connect solution and offers the Teacher various benefits like running promotions through the application and also be able to send messages to the students accepting referrals. Also, Valesson effectively keeps the value in lessons with all the required features to keep it simple and not rely on memory

  • Portal and mobile application for effective lesson management
  • Calendar schedule with color coding
  • Easy time slot management
  • Class size linked to calendar schedule
  • Messaging for communication
  • Billing management
  • Payment gateway
  • Trade promotions
  • Manage multiple Teacher lesson
  • Course completion certificate
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  • Date : jul 2022
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  • Location : USA, India