Warranty dynamics


Warranty dynamics

Intelli Warranty management software is specially designed for automating warranty claim process and reducing the time consumed in processing the claims. ... It integrates the entire warranty process and offers complete solution for all warranty related issues.

This in turn can contributing to both your top and bottom line. With automatic entitlement checks you can verify whether your customer is entitled to the requested service. This is possible even if it's a part of complex contract that includes metered services.

Ensures that customer warranties don't lapse unexpectedly with automated warranty renewals. This ensures service revenues stay consistent and predictable.

Having proper warranty tracking in place improves customer satisfaction. Customer does not need to remember about warranty renewal. This can protect them from unexpected/unpredictable repair costs, thus improving their confidence in you.

  • Track, view, and change service contracts and warranties
  • Manage automatic service warranty/contract renewals
  • Perform instant entitlement check using a mobile device
  • Automated entitlement verification – location, product, contact, services record
  • Large volumes handled with ease via barcode-enabled receipts, moves & shipments and batch entitlement checks
  • Maintenance of Revision history of parts prices, labour rates, labour hours etc.
  • Claim Forwarding feature which allows other executives to review the claim.
  • Support for metered services, so that entitlements remain clear
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